Spiti Valley, India

Spiti Valley, India: A Land Of Missing Roads

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Bus travel through India’s mountainous regions involves dramatic scenery, remote villages, fresh air and colorful passengers. The only thing missing sometimes is the road itself. An overly squeaky, yet oddly enjoyable, Hindi pop song blared from the crackly speakers as the decrepit bus chugged along through India’s remote Spiti Valley. The wooden-planked floor rattled constantly, adding a unique beat to …

Shang Hai Restaurant, Sulamainiyah, Iraq

A Chinese Bar, Shisha & Sexy, Sexy In Iraq

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Upon arrival in the southern Kurdistan city of Sulamainiyah, Anil and I instantly found ourselves giddy with joy upon discovering two Chinese restaurants in the vicinity of our hotel. After all, up until that point, the only food we’d eaten were chicken and falafel sandwiches, not because of an abnormal love for such food, but because that was all we …

The Taxis of Kabul

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The fact that Kabul lacks anything resembling efficient planning and the fact that street signs are as common as synagogues (there is one!), naturally leads one to believe that tackling this metropolis by foot would be a foolish endeavor. Certainly it would be much easier to jump into one of the 40,000 registered taxis driving around the city, pay the …

Close Encounter With The Mafia

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As my last post dealt with travel warnings and the dangers they warn us against, I thought I’d share a story this time around about a threat to my own safety that I once faced. And if you think this story will take place in some war-torn or lawless country, you’d actually be wrong. It takes place on board the …

Cambodia: Sitting In A Puddle On A Train

Derek Cambodia, Travel Tales 25 Comments

“Hello,” the young man shyly whispered after tapping me on the shoulder several times. “Hello,” I replied somewhat groggily. “Thank you,” he then said before turning around and victoriously running back to his group of friends who showered him with endless high-fives and pats on the back. My morning nap had been interrupted but I couldn’t help but smile. I …

Thank You to the Militant Who Stole My Car!

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Truth be told, we human beings often don’t understand the true value of a particular moment in our lives until well after that moment has passed. Yet we often forget this undeniable fact in our quest to immediately categorize every interaction and event that occurs, so that we may quickly embrace the positive and discard the negative. Lately, I’ve reached …