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Around the World

Places Around The World That I Shall Never Forget

This post is brought to you by Direct Travel. Who would have thought that sitting on a stone wall in the middle of the jungle would play such a role in my life? It was 1999. It was Angkor Wat, … Read more

Leg From a Man in India

The Day I Saw a Headless Man in India (How Would You React?)

There I was, sitting on a metal chair inside of the ‘Upper Class Waiting Room’ at the train station in the Indian city of Gwalior. My Wander Across India tour group and I had about an hour before our train … Read more

Why I'm Not In Kyrgyzstan

Why I’m Not In Kyrgyzstan Right Now

On July 18th, I was sitting at a cafe in Bucharest talking to a fellow traveler, Jeremy, from, when he randomly mentioned that Pegasus Airlines, a budget airline based out of Turkey, was offering extremely cheap airfares from Bucharest … Read more

Is Yemen Safe For Travelers

Is Yemen Safe For Travelers?

When I started researching how I could travel to Yemen, I must admit that I assumed it would not be possible at all. Given the strongly worded government travel warnings about this country, coupled with the fact that any positive … Read more

Romanian countryside

The Middle Of Nowhere Is Where I Want To Be

I have made a decision. From now on, I will be spending more time in the middle of nowhere. Cities and towns have their benefits, and Bucharest has certainly treated me well this year, but something happened last weekend that … Read more

Beirut, Lebanon

The Day I Was Followed By A Secret Agent In Beirut

Standing at the reception desk of the shabby, low-budget Al-Shabaa Hotel in the Gemmayze neighborhood of Beirut, there was little I could do when the hotel owner informed me that the single room I had booked was no longer available. … Read more

Pumpkin in Romania

Halloween In Transylvania: My Lucky Graveyard Escape

The fact that I ended up in Transylvania over the Halloween weekend was a complete accident as, after twelve years of traveling, I barely remember when most holidays take place. I had actually forgotten that Halloween was nearly upon us … Read more

Spiti Valley, India

Spiti Valley, India: A Land Of Missing Roads

Bus travel through India’s mountainous regions involves dramatic scenery, remote villages, fresh air and colorful passengers. The only thing missing sometimes is the road itself. An overly squeaky, yet oddly enjoyable, Hindi pop song blared from the crackly speakers as … Read more

A Chinese Bar, Shisha & Sexy, Sexy In Iraq

Upon arrival in the southern Kurdistan city of Sulamainiyah, Anil and I instantly found ourselves giddy with joy upon discovering two Chinese restaurants in the vicinity of our hotel. After all, up until that point, the only food we’d eaten … Read more

United States Immigration

The Day US Customs Found A Bullet In My Pocket

On the flight from Delhi to Washington D.C., I spent a good two hours staring at the customs form that I was required to fill out. I had completed every section of the form, except for one. I just wasn’t … Read more