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Nomadic Matt Interview

Interview With Budget Travel Expert Nomadic Matt

Many know him, some might not. Perhaps some of you follow his blog or have at least seen it. I remember when I heard about this Nomadic Matt guy back when I was starting out and I kept hearing about … Read more

Cheapest Month to Travel

Is January the Cheapest Month to Travel?

It all started last Wednesday when, during an afternoon break from doing some work, I decided to go online and look up random airfares from Bucharest. Always a sucker for the beach, the first destination I looked up was Goa, … Read more

Travel the World

How To Travel The World For $1.94 Per Day

Wait. Is this really possible? No. Well, yes. Well, maybe. If you look at travel as most of us do, an activity that involves the standard transportation, accommodation, sampling of the local cuisine and visiting sights and attractions, then it’ll … Read more

Budget Traveler

I’m A Budget Traveler, But I Don’t Mind Spending Money

It happens all the time of course. I show up in a new town, I check out a few different guesthouses or budget hotels, I ask for the room prices and then I make a decision. And when I first … Read more

Accommodation in India

Accommodation In India…Some Of My Personal Favorites

My latest visit to India is about to come to an end. And from my beach hut balcony I now sit, staring out at the Indian Ocean, writing in rhythm with the lightly crashing waves, wondering how I still have … Read more

Frequent Flyer Points

Air Travel – Fear. Cost. Frequent Flyer Points.

Fear. There was a time when I didn’t enjoy flying at all. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that I wrote a post about that very subject, reaching the conclusion that the older I was getting, the more afraid … Read more

Using Local SIM Cards

Mobile Phones & Travel: Save Money With Local SIM Cards

You arrive in Rome. You call your friend to have him pick you up from the airport. You talk for ten minutes. You still can’t find him, so you call again. Ten more minutes later, you finally understand where he’s … Read more

Countries You Can Visit For $1000

Countries You Can Visit For $1000 Or Less

When I first started this blog three years ago, I made the claim that it’s possible to travel the world for $1000 USD or less per month. And that is a claim I still believe to be true today. I … Read more

Make Your Money Last Longer

How to Make Your Money Last Longer While Traveling

If you want to travel the world, you need money. That’s a fact. Of course, as I try to point out often on this site, the amount of money you do need isn’t nearly as large as most people imagine … Read more

Sunset in Goa

Save Money By Booking Two Separate Flight Tickets

Today I write to you from Palolem Beach, a most idyllic stretch of sand in the southern part of the Indian state of Goa. And it is right here where I shall plant my nomadic rear end for the next … Read more