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The Greatest Lesson I've Learned

The Greatest Lesson I’ve Learned From Travel

I know nothing. That’s the greatest lesson I’ve learned during all these years of travel. Sure, I can tell you where to snorkel in Bali or give you a great route for a road trip around Romania or explain where … Read more

Important Travel Rule

The Most Important Travel Rule

It was simply stunning. The sun was rising over the holy Ganges River, with the gentle foothills of the Himalayas off in the distance, the town slowly awakening into a soft pink glow. The atmosphere so peaceful, so serene. I … Read more

Cant Afford to Fail

When We Can’t Afford to Fail, We Succeed

Four months ago, I received an email from a customer who had purchased one of the eBooks that I have written. The email said… “I can’t download your eBook. Every time I go to the download page, I get a … Read more

Reason to Travel

Another Extremely Important Reason To Travel

Yes, you can read about the world. You can even see the world, too. But what about feeling the world? That’s my reason to travel. To feel. I want to feel and as a result, to learn from every experience … Read more


How Five Minutes of Meditation Makes Me A Better Traveler

Ah, meditation. Legs crossed, hands placed ever so gently on the knees, back straight, baggy cotton clothes flowing perfectly and alas, the look of pure zen on the face. Well, what if I told you that I meditate sitting down … Read more

Fluent in Any Language

Why Me No Fluent In Any Language At All

Thank you, travel. For it is you who has turned me into a man who is fluent, not in two languages, nor three languages, and not even four languages. Alas, as a result of constantly bouncing around the world, far … Read more

Perfect Travel Guide - Kintamani Bali

The Perfect Travel Guide That Doesn’t Exist

Wouldn’t it be brilliant if there was one definitive, perfect travel guide full of specific instructions that, when followed step-by-step by anyone on the planet, magically guarantees that we will be out there traveling the world long-term in no time … Read more

What Others Think About You

Why You Shouldn’t Care What Others Think About You

The day I started enjoying my travels the most was the day I stopped worrying about my hair. You see, an old girlfriend of mine used to tell me that I was much worse than her mother and grandmother combined, … Read more

The Uselessness of Getting Upset While Traveling

About a year and a half ago, I was sitting at an outdoor table in front of a tiny food stall in the small town of Izamal, Mexico. There was a large group of us and we had all ordered … Read more

Visit Playa del Carmen

How to Visit Any Country Over & Over Again & Still Love It

Here I am, back in Mexico, having decided to visit Playa del Carmen again, a town I’ve been to many times before. And I’m thoroughly enjoying my stay right now, even more than previous visits. Now one might think this … Read more