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Tamga, Kyrgyzstan

My Experience In Tamga, Kyrgyzstan Is Exactly Why I Love Travel

This is a post about how the world is never as it seems, about how our travels can so often surprise us, about how we never know what we’ll find or who we’ll meet at any given time. And it … Read more

Long-Term Travel

A Test: Is Long-Term Travel Right For You?

Do you enjoy being challenged? Would you maintain your sanity if you had to constantly face unexpected situations, surprises, plans that always changed for one reason or another? Could you handle a lack of routine and perhaps not knowing where … Read more

Live Life to the Fullest

Is it Really Possible to ‘Live Life to the Fullest’?

We were eating soup at a local restaurant in Bucharest when my new friend seated opposite me, upon learning that I had been traveling and living overseas since I was 22 years old, stated with great excitement, “So that means … Read more

According to Plan

Why Your Travels (And Life) Should Never Go According To Plan

This post is brought to you by Bupa Travel Insurance. During my senior year of high school, and after a great deal of debate, I eventually chose the university that I would attend for the next stage of my studies. … Read more

Around the World

Places Around The World That I Shall Never Forget

This post is brought to you by Direct Travel. Who would have thought that sitting on a stone wall in the middle of the jungle would play such a role in my life? It was 1999. It was Angkor Wat, … Read more

Visit to Las Vegas

I Love Las Vegas & I’m Not Ashamed (Here’s Why…)

I love Las Vegas. I love it so much in fact that I made sure I included a visit to Las Vegas on the itinerary for my recent road trip around the Western USA back in December. That itinerary also … Read more

The One Thing I Love To Do

The One Thing I Love To Do

It’s the start of the year and I’ve been sitting here for awhile trying to come up with the perfect topic for my first blog post of 2014. And I’m a bit worried because the idea that has so far … Read more

Sledding in France

The Day I Became The Sledding Champion Of The World

I positioned myself, grabbed hold of the handles, tucked in my legs and asked for a push. And off I went… While I’d like to say that I zooomed down the hill on my sled at maximum speed, slicing and … Read more

How I Started a Small Tour Company

How I Started A Small Tour Company

Not a single thing did I know about organizing or leading tours. However, back in 2012, after receiving several requests from readers, I decided to offer a tour to India anyway, taking on the project with the exact same approach … Read more

Leg From a Man in India

The Day I Saw a Headless Man in India (How Would You React?)

There I was, sitting on a metal chair inside of the ‘Upper Class Waiting Room’ at the train station in the Indian city of Gwalior. My Wander Across India tour group and I had about an hour before our train … Read more