Fluent in Any Language

Why Me No Fluent In Any Language At All

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Thank you, travel. For it is you who has turned me into a man who is fluent, not in two languages, nor three languages, and not even four languages. Alas, as a result of constantly bouncing around the world, far and wide, for over a decade, I can proudly declare that I am now fully fluent in…zero languages. That’s right, …

Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever Is Nasty & It Made Me Cry

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Hunched over, with my hands on my knees, I tried to breathe but found it difficult. My head was pounding, I was covered in sweat despite the air-conditioner blasting cold air throughout the room and the dizziness made it difficult for me to even remain standing. I remember mumbling some nonsense. I remember a tear or two or three dropping …

Younger Self

A Quick Chat With My Younger Self

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Older Earl: “Hey, man, how’s it going?” Younger Earl: “Not bad, yourself?” Older Earl: “Quite well.” Younger Earl: “Sweet.” And so begins the conversation I would have with my younger self, if ever such a conversation were possible. My guess is that, if we could organize such a meeting, we would meet up at Town Spa, a well-known pizza place …

How I Started a Small Tour Company

How I Started A Small Tour Company

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Not a single thing did I know about organizing or leading tours. However, back in 2012, after receiving several requests from readers, I decided to offer a tour to India anyway, taking on the project with the exact same approach with which I’ve taken on just about every other project I’ve started in my life. “I’ll figure it out somehow.” …