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Travel Habits

Inexplicable Travel Habits of a Long-Term Traveler

Before getting on an airplane, I always re-tie my shoelaces. During a layover, I must sit at an airport cafe for at least ten minutes, but only in a chair that faces away from the counter where I placed my … Read more

The Greatest Lesson I've Learned

The Greatest Lesson I’ve Learned From Travel

I know nothing. That’s the greatest lesson I’ve learned during all these years of travel. Sure, I can tell you where to snorkel in Bali or give you a great route for a road trip around Romania or explain where … Read more

Romanian visa - flowers

Reactions to My Romanian Visa Post (and my response)

This is a post I wasn’t expecting to write. But I’m writing it because my last post – the one about having my Romanian residency visa refused – certainly went in an unexpected direction. Let me recap what that post … Read more

Romania Residency Visa Refused

How I Got Kicked Out Of Romania

“Peace, I’m out.” That’s exactly what I yelled…okay, maybe I just mumbled it to myself…fine, I only said it in my head…but regardless, it was said as I left Bucharest last week, right after I discovered that my residency visa … Read more

Confused About Life

I’m Confused About Life Just Like Everyone Else

Yes, I’m confused about life just like everyone else. I get depressed, I struggle and I feel lost too, more often than you probably would imagine. In fact, back in August of this year, I had a bit of a … Read more

Fluent in Any Language

Why Me No Fluent In Any Language At All

Thank you, travel. For it is you who has turned me into a man who is fluent, not in two languages, nor three languages, and not even four languages. Alas, as a result of constantly bouncing around the world, far … Read more

Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever Is Nasty & It Made Me Cry

Hunched over, with my hands on my knees, I tried to breathe but found it difficult. My head was pounding, I was covered in sweat despite the air-conditioner blasting cold air throughout the room and the dizziness made it difficult … Read more

What Others Think About You

Why You Shouldn’t Care What Others Think About You

The day I started enjoying my travels the most was the day I stopped worrying about my hair. You see, an old girlfriend of mine used to tell me that I was much worse than her mother and grandmother combined, … Read more

How I Stay Organized While Traveling & Working

How I Stay Organized While Traveling, Working & Being A Fool

I have two brains. There is my work brain and my travel brain. And the truth is that these two brains are not the best of friends. As much as I have tried over the years, I can’t seem to … Read more

The One Thing I Love To Do

The One Thing I Love To Do

It’s the start of the year and I’ve been sitting here for awhile trying to come up with the perfect topic for my first blog post of 2014. And I’m a bit worried because the idea that has so far … Read more