The Worst Golf Shot

What The Worst Golf Shot Teaches Us About Travel

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Stepping up to the tee, I was mighty nervous. I was shaking, I couldn’t think straight at all. It was the first time that the coach of my high school golf team put me in the starting lineup. I was finally playing in a tournament between our school and the high school team of a neighboring town. No longer was …

Travel Products

Travel Products & Websites Worth Checking Out

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The year that is 2015 has brought me into contact with what seems like a higher-than-normal number of travel products, travel-related websites and travel services that I never knew about before. From all sorts of travel communities to compact hammocks to online postcards to oddly-shaped travel pillows that actually seem to make sleeping on airplanes even more uncomfortable, new things …

Israel Travel Recommendations – Sleep, Eat & Learn

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During my trip to Israel last month, as is always the case when I travel, I came across some places, some activities and of course, some people, that I feel would help enhance anyone’s trip to this region. I’ve already stated, in my post “My First Trip to Israel”, that my time in this country was short and my experiences …

My First Trip To Israel

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How quickly everything changes in this land. From city to desert, from one religion to another, from intense culture to untouched nature…this is a land of extremes all packed into a very small space. And in order to experience this country, you need to be prepared to process every one of those extremes, and to then rest and recover before …

Start Traveling Now

Should You Start Traveling Now or Later?

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One day we’ll meet up at a cafe somewhere in the world and you’ll tell me your story, your story of how you went from the mere idea of wanting to travel to actually making it a reality. And I look forward to hearing all about it. It will happen, whenever the time is right. That’s the key. When the …